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  • Maltreatment epub

    Maltreatment of People With Intellectual and Developm...

    epubThis is an e-book version of Maltreatment of People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Click here for information about this book. See our E Reader Tips for successful downloading.
    Year : 2016
    Author : John R. Lutzker, Kate Guastaferro, and Megan L. Benka-Coker, Editors


    • Maltreatment front cover

      Maltreatment of People With Intellectual and Developm...

      This comprehensive and compelling work presents research and evidence-based strategies related to the maltreatment of people with IDD across the lifespan. Using the public health framework that moves from surveillance to screening to intervention to policy implications, this volume presents research in a life-course perspective separated into three sections: IDD in Early Life, Adults With IDD, and Interventions for People With IDD. Together  they emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to better serve and provide for people with IDD.

      Eleven chapters present research, strategies, interventions, and approaches in the key areas involved in the understanding, treatment, and prevention of maltreatment of people with IDD throughout their lives:

      • A systematic review of the literature on the association between childhood disability and child maltreatment
      • Sexual trauma in children and adolescents with IDD
      • Effects of the bullying of youth with IDD
      • Heightened social vulnerability among adults with IDD
      • Removing reproductive, sexual, and child-rearing rights of women with IDD
      • Relationships and social networks among a sample of mothers with IDD
      • Victimization risk of older adults with ID manifesting later in life
      • Prevention of maltreatment of adults with IDD
      • Systemic change in services for parents with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities
      • Post-injury monitoring of abusive head trauma
      • Discriminatory killing and execution of people with IDD
      Designed for policymakers, researchers, clinicians, and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, this resource provides an in-depth look at the knowledge base in addressing the maltreatment of these vulnerable populations.

      Year : 2016
      Author : John R. Lutzker, Kate Guastaferro, and Megan L. Benka-Coker, Editors


      • Health Promotion for Persons with Intellectual and De...

        While promoting good health among people with intellectual disability (ID) is much discussed as a public priority, there is no literature that recapitulates the state of the science in the area of health promotion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This publication, based on a national conference conducted by AAIDD (Formerly AAMR), summarizes current research on 14 topics that affect the health and well being of people with ID in the hope of informing research, policy, clinical, and health care initiatives. The book provides a solid basis for developing interventions and solutions to eliminate health disparities among people with ID. The topics explored in this report are: hypertension; obesity; swallowing dysfunction/dysphagia; epilepsy; mental health; physical activity and fitness; women’s health; safety/injury and violence; case management and care coordination; alternative and complementary medicine; tobacco and substance abuse; secondary conditions risk appraisal for adults; and general health of people with ID.
        Year : 2005
        Author : Wendy M. Nehring, Ed.


        • Disability and Public Health

          Public health professionals have had few opportunities to learn about disability in a public health context. Now Disability and Public Health provides a thorough roadmap to professionals and describes how disability complements a public health context. By promoting an understanding of disability, the book provides a basis for enhancing the success of all of public health initiatives.

          “This text will most certainly become a cornerstone for building a public health discipline that will help to develop a more comprehensive approach to understanding the ecology of health disparities for people with disabilities and strategies to improve access to affordable, quality health care.”  Leslie Rubin, M.D., Emory University

          “Disability and Public Health is an important and overdue contribution to the core curriculum of disability studies in public health education. With its broad cross-disability and consumer-centric focus, nothing quite like this book of readings has been published, to my knowledge, with a public health
          perspective. This is a thought-provoking and enlightening book for students, faculty, administrators, and service providers in public health and for the disability-related clinical professions.” David Braddock, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, University of Colorado System

          Topics covered by the book:

          • History and culture of disability
          • Advocacy and the role of government and public policy in disability
          • Disability epidemiology
          • Disparities and determinants of disability
          • Models of approach to disability
          • Disability and health promotion
          • Disaster preparedness
          Year : 2009
          Author : Charles E. Drum, Gloria L. Krahn and Hank Bersani Jr.