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SIS—A: 25 Interview Forms

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    8.5 x 11
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    James R. Thompson, Brian R. Bryant, Robert L. Schalock, Karrie A. Shogren, Marc J. Tassé, Michael L. Wehmeyer, Edward M. Campbell, Ellis M. (Pat) Craig, Carolyn Hughes, and David A. Rotholz
This product is a pack of 25 copies of the Interview and Profile Form for the Supports Intensity Scale—Adult Version (SIS—A)®. SIS—A has several “value-added” changes; however, the elements of the tool that contribute to the standard score and the standard score itself have not changed with this refreshed version. The new, 12-page interview form includes:

  • New demographic items, which allow large-scale users to easily create reports on a variety of demographic variables. 
  • A reorded subscale to allow more comfortable progression of sensitive topics during the interview. 
International purchases of SIS—A products cannot be made online. International customers interested in purchasing SIS—A products need to contact Ajith Mathew at Do not place your order online.

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