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Good Blood, Bad Blood: Science, Nature, and the Myth of the Kallikaks (Out of Stock)

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    7 x 10
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    J. David Smith and Michael L. Wehmeyer
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The second edition of this best-seller is coming in 2022!

The e-book version of Good Blood, Bad Blood can be purchased by  clicking here

Good Blood, Bad Blood tells the story of the American eugenics movement by contrasting the fictionalized profiles of people by psychologist Henry Herbert Goddard's 1912 book, The Kallikak Family with their actual lives.

Goddard's book was purported to document a natural experiment proving that feeblemindedness (and degeneracy) were the result of "bad heredity." Good Blood, Bad Blood tells the true story of the woman called "Deborah Kallikak" in Goddard’s book, whose real name was Emma Wolverton.
The authors present a compelling narrative of Emma's life while informing the reader about the rise and fall of the eugenic movement in the 20th century, the emergence of psychology as a discipline, and harmful public policies based on stereotypes about immigrants, women, people with disabilities, and the poor. 

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