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AAIDD Student and Early Career Professional and Research Interest Networks present:

2021 Research Colloquium: Developing a Research Line of Inquiry

The purpose of the preconference research colloquium is to provide AAIDD students and early career professionals (SECPs) with an opportunity to present their research and network with leading intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) researchers and policymakers. Participants will have an opportunity to receive feedback on how to translate their work into meaningful research, policy, and practice.

Colloquium presenters will submit a research proposal to present at the colloquium. Colloquium presenters will present their research project, and specific questions/ideas/concepts that they would like feedback on from experts in the field. Following each presentation, Research Interest Network members and AAIDD colloquium audience participants will engage in a brief open forum discussion to provide feedback to the participants on how the research fits into research, policy, and practice related to individuals with IDD. Discussion will also address sharing findings in multiple venues (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, practitioner-based journals, blogs, etc.). Examples of research to present could include formal research study (thesis, dissertation, first solo research study), or a program evaluation.

Students and early career professionals (10 years in field or less)

Virtual Pre-conference will be be available on demand starting on Monday, June 21, 2021

Virtual pre-recorded session; recording time TBD

Mayumi Hagiwara, Ph.D., San Francisco State University
Chung eun Lee, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Jennifer Jones, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University


Please send proposals to Chung eun Lee (celee1212@gmail.com) with SECP/RD Research Colloquium in the Subject.

            Deadline: December 2, 2020

            Notification: February 7, 2021

To be considered for this session, submit a proposal with the following information:

  • Name/title
  • Institution
  • Program/department
  • Where are you in your training/career?
  • Title
  • Abstract (50 words or less)
  • Summary – Topic/Research questions/sample results (500 words or less)


Learning Objectives

It is anticipated participants will engage in the following learning objectives:

  • Developing manuscripts, proposals, and presentations
  • Building relationships and developing connections
  • Introducing other AAIDD Interest Networks (e.g., Research Interest Network)
  • Assist students and early career professionals with translational research


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