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June 6-9, 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota

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PowerPoint Presentations/Handouts

Plenary Sessions:


Open Membership Meeting and Leadership Forum

Concurrrent Sessions


The What, When, Why and How's of Active Supports
Mark Olson
SESSION: Active Support

Supported Sibling Relationships During Support Transition
John Kramer, PhD
SESSION: Aging Individuals and Families

Using National Core Indicators Data to Understand the Experiences of Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Sarah Taub, Julie Bershadsky and Charles Moseley
SESSION: Aging Individuals and Families

CDC Act Early Autism Initiative: An Example of State Level Innovation and Progress
David A. Rotholz, PhD
SESSION: Autism Research & Practice

Application of a New Measure of Activity and Participation With Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jessica M. Kramer, PhD 
Wendy J. Coster, PhD
Ying-Chia Kao, MS
Stephen M. Haley
SESSION: Autism Research & Practice

Characteristics of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Amy S. Hewitt, PhD
Roger J. Stancliffe, PhD
Annie Johnson, MSW
Jen Hall-Lande, PhD
Charles Moseley, EdD
Sarah Taub, MA
Joshua Engler, MSW
Julie Bershadsky, PhD
SESSION: Autism Research & Practice

Changing Landscapes: Exhibiting the Work of Artists With Disabilities
Patricia Salmi, PhD
Megan Dushin
Amanda Webster

Using Assistive Technology in Postsecondary Programs for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Kelly R. Kelley, MEd
David. L. Westling
SESSION: Assistive Technology Supports

Free Technological Solutions To Support Self-Determination of People With an Intellectual Disability Or A Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Martin Therrien-Bélec, MSc
SESSION: Assistive Technology Supports

Achieving Tasks in Residential and Workplace Environments With My Assistive Technology
Yves, Lachapelle, PhD
Martin Therrien-Bélec
Martin Caouette
SESSION: Assistive Technology Supports

DABS Session (all 3 presentations are included in one file)
Why do we need another standardized measure of adaptive behavior?
Robert Schalock, PhD
Administration and properties of the new
AAIDD Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale
Marc J. Tassé, PhD
The AAIDD DABS in the Spanish context:
Adaptation, process and results
Patricia Navas & Miguel Angel Verdugo, PhD

When Life Happens: Helping People Adapt to Change
Melissa A. Disipio, MSA 
Handouts: Getting to Know me and Everyday Lives Circle
SESSION: Dual Diagnosis

Happy Healthy Life: A Pathway for People With a Dual Diagnosis
Jill H. Rogers, MBA
Dual Diagnosis

Towards Best Practice in Dual Diagnosis: The Ohio Model: Assessment, Treatment And Collaboration
Lara Palay LISW-S
Dual Diagnosis

Aging Adults with Autism Sprectrum Disorders
Elizabeth Perkins, PhD & Karen Berkman, PhD

Community Involvement of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: Inclusion in Work, Recreation, and Leisure Activities
Sarah A. Hall, PhD

Including People with ID in National Health Surveillance
Julie Bershadsky
SESSION: Health, Surveillance & Research

Health and Wellness Action Group Healthcare Screening Guidelines
Joseph O’Grady, Jr., MD
Carl Tyler, MD
William Sullivan, PhD, MD
SESSION: Health, Surveillance & Research

Inclusive Employment: Six Factors of Employment Success for Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Handout: Employment Assessment Survey
Joseph A. Fuemmeler
Daniel J. van Ingen, PsyD
Linda Moore

SESSION: Inclusive Employment

Increasing Student Self-Determination: Impact of the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instructions
Karrie A. Shogren, PhD, FAAIDD
Michael L. Wehmeyer, PhD, FAAIDD
Susan Palmer, PhD, FAAIDD
SESSION: Increasing Capacity

The Up Program: A Postsecondary Learning Model for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities
Kelly R. Kelley, MEd
SESSION: PostSecondary Education

Sharing and Using SIS information Across Individuals, Organizations, and Systems
Luigi Croce, MD & Mauro Leoni, PhD

Study on a Large Italian Population Comparing Supports Intensity Scale, Medical and Psychiatric Assessment, and a Regional Funds Allocation Tool
Mauro Leoni, PhD

Post Conference Sessions

SIS  Workshop:
Ontario, Canada, Monica Neitzert & Sherry Macinnis 

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