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Executive Director of Citizen Care

Company : Citizen Care
Location : McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania


Executive Director of Citizen Care


Chief Executive Officer, Partners For Quality Chief Program Officer, Partners For Quality Citizen Care Board of Directors


McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania


Citizen Care has been committed to providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than four decades. In 1974, Citizen Care was founded as an Intermediate Care Facility d/b/a Robinson Developmental Center. By the end of 1975, 132 people had transferred from Polk State Center and were living and receiving services at Citizen Care. In 1978, as the transition from facilities to communities began, individuals served by Citizen Care began moving into residential homes and apartments.

Today, Citizen Care provides innovative and quality services so that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a personal choice of home, career, social engagement, and retirement supports. Our community-based services are offered through over 30 sites to nearly 170 people. The majority of programs operate in western Allegheny County with outreach into Beaver and Washington counties and include residential, community, employment, and behavioral supports. Citizen Care is accredited through the Council on Quality and Leadership and a proud member of NADSP.


People have the opportunity to experience and fully participate in all aspects of life.


Partners For Quality, Inc. supports people by providing services that promote choice, personal satisfaction and the realization of their hopes and dreams.


Partners For Quality, Inc. shall provide services and supports to assure people:

  • Are afforded the human, civil and legal rights described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the United States Constitution and all applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations;
  • Are treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity to cultural diversity;
  • Have opportunities to experience life-long learning;
  • Have the best possible physical/mental health and assurances for personal safety and security, with an emphasis on minimizing out-of-home placement;
  • Live, work and experience community environments that are personally satisfying;
  • Have the opportunity to maintain and/or establish natural supports and reciprocal relationships;
  • Have the opportunity to participate as active members of the community and to experience leadership roles;
  • Have access to community resources and organizations that are dynamic, receptive, responsive and continuously evolving;
  • Make informed decisions affecting their lives from an array of choices; and
  • Realize their hopes and dreams and achieve their personal outcomes.


Partners For Quality (PFQ) is nonprofit agency providing leadership and administrative management to a family of subsidiary organizations. PFQ services include fiscal, human resources, staff training, IT, operations, fundraising, and communications. By consolidating and managing these services, subsidiary organizations are empowered to focus on day-to-day priorities. PFQ is recognized as an integral part of the service delivery system in Allegheny County, serving more than 7,000 people annually and employing more than 1,100 people across the organizations. PFQ’s five subsidiary organizations include: Allegheny Children’s Initiative, Citizen Care, Exceptional Adventures, Milestone Centers and the Partners For Quality Foundation.

As PFQ and Citizen Care prepare for the future, the next Executive Director will have the opportunity to lead the organization through a thoughtful strategic planning process that will further outline the vision for this vital organization.

Working with a dedicated and engaged Board of Directors as well as a highly motivated and committed PFQ Executive staff, the Executive Director will have the opportunity to chart an ambitious future for Citizen Care that leverages its historical strengths and promotes its community-focused approach to serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Critical in this effort will be strengthening the organization’s ability to collaborate both internally among staff and externally among key community and regional partners.


The Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership and management of Citizen Care to ensure delivery of the highest quality services. The Executive Director supervises and participates in all activities pertinent to the financial viability of Citizen Care; presents and engages formally and informally to funders, public officials, and others whose engagement in the organization is important to its success; articulates the organization’s core strengths and its vision for the future; establishes an organizational culture and behavior of trust and collaboration; operates from a client-driven perspective; embraces the challenge of maximizing the potential of the individuals that it serves; in close coordination with the PFQ Executive Team and the Citizen Care Board, directs, manages and evaluates the ongoing financial and operational priorities of Citizen Care; supervises the development and implementation of plans and programs by monitoring performance and evaluation tools and standards used to determine effectiveness; approves and prepares reports submitted to the state, county, federal, and other regulatory agencies; and oversees staff, sets performance expectations and drives the positive culture of the organization.


We believe there are many leaders at smaller human service agencies who are not recognized for their skills and talents, and this is a rare opportunity for those hidden gems to rise into an executive role. We encourage those budding leaders to apply!

Personal Qualities and Leadership Style

The candidate we seek will have a specific set of intrinsic characteristics that can’t be learned, including solid communication skills, a straightforward manner, good follow through, motivation, willingness to take risks, a philosophy that mirrors Citizen Care’s strategic direction, and a true passion for working with people with special needs.

We need a solid leader who has both a kind and a no-nonsense side, and is able to shift from one to the other depending on the circumstance. They will possess a leadership style characterized by a visionary outlook, the ability to garner broad community support, sound business and management acumen, the ability to increase the visibility of the organization, and to carry forward major new projects and programs.

We seek a charismatic and relational leader who is mission-focused and dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Candidates for this position must have proven leadership qualities to bring vision, direction, a collaborative atmosphere and inspiration to an organization.

In addition, this candidate must have a proven track record of managing diverse services which may include Community Residential Services, Home Based Services, Community Participation Services, Lifesharing or other services for specialized populations. The candidate must approach the provision of person-centered supports and services in a creative way that breaks the mold.

She or he will be a leader who communicates the agency's mission with enthusiasm and compassion through her/his strong communication skills. Solid presentation, written, and verbal messaging skills are required, along with proficient computer skills and the ability to use analytics/metrics to drive strategy and decision making.

Relationship Building

A proven ability to lead employees in multiple locations as an effective team of closely coordinated, highly professional, staff members is a must. This leader will be one who listens intently, is empathetic, energetic, and who empowers her/his staff.

Successful candidates will have the ability to establish and maintain strong collaborative relationships with funders, potential donors, and other sources of financial support, and actively engage with them to provide site tours and a vivid picture of the importance of what Citizen Care does for the people we support.

They must be able to develop strong connections to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, and maintain productive relationships with elected officials, municipal, state and federal offices, businesses, civic groups, neighbors, regulators, and advocates.

Business Skills

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated skills in operations and business management. Candidates must have proven success in providing mission-driven services utilizing sound business principles. Experience making strategic decisions in program design, development, and management in pursuit of board goals is expected.

She or he will demonstrate a proven track record of strong fiscal management. An understanding of and experience navigating the complexities of an organization of similar size, scope and budget is highly desired.

The candidate must have strong organizational management skills along with the ability to lead project teams and to analyze, develop, implement, and lead organizational structure.

Education and Experience

The Executive Director candidate must have a master's degree or above from an accredited college or university and 2 years work experience in administration or the human services field OR a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and 4 years work experience in administration or the human services field, along with 10 years of leadership/management experience. Must have experience in IDD residential services. Affiliation with and leadership in local, state, or national professional or trade associations related to human services is a plus.

To apply, please send a current resume and letter of introduction including salary requirement to

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