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Area Director (The Arc of Prince George's County)

Company : The Arc of Prince George's County
Location : Largo, MD

  Area Director of Community Living Services              
STATUS: Full Time                                           
LOCATION:  Community Living - HQ Office

The Area Director oversees all program managers for their assigned region. Oversees all operations to include successful implementation of strategic and business plans, company policies and procedures, quality assurance, and financial initiatives. Ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operations of each location in their assigned region,  including financial, internal quality outcomes, external quality outcomes, employee relations, incident management, facility condition, staffing  and compliance with local, state, and federal law.  The Area Director ensures that all services and supports are person-centered and promotes a culture of choice, self-sufficiency and advocacy within the Community Living locations.  

At The Arc personal choice means:

CCollaborating with the individual to meet their goals

H – Having a Humanistic perspective and approach

O – Using your keen Observation skills to guide and mentor

 I –  Inclusion in the community by actively getting out and involved

C – Community/Citizenship involvement

EEnhancing the life of the individual

Key Competencies Required:

  • Advocacy (Encouraging and supporting people in expressing their choices, dreams, goals and rights)
  • Communication (Actively listening to the person we support based on their preferred method of communicating, and collaborating with their natural supports and community)
  • Relationship building (Creating opportunities for people to build friendships, make connections and develop meaningful relationships in an inclusive environment)
  • Have oversight of Program Managers at multiple locations which may include contracted Nursing or temporary staffing.
  • Partner with clinical team to ensure quality deliverables designed to oversee needs of people supported.
  • Be responsive to families, people supported, external agencies, doctors’ offices, other providers of services and present a professional demeanor at all times.
  • Provide operational support and training to assigned region
  • Be willing to travel extensively throughout Prince George’s County
  • Have outstanding leadership, organizational and managerial skills
  • Have great interpersonal and communication skills

Position Summary: 

The Area Director will have administrative responsibility for the individuals, staff, and facilities, as well as a broad range of program-wide administrative issues.  This position requires a commitment to individual choice and community integration and inclusion.  In the absence of the Division Director, the person in this position is responsible for the overall administrative functioning of the Community Living Program.  Travel by car is necessary and a great deal of time will be spent in individual sites for observation, training and supervision purposes.   The position requires responding to emergencies during and after hours, and on weekends as needed.  The Area Director must pay close attention to detail for accurate results and will be operating under frequent exposure to unusual pressure, therefore good stress management skills are necessary and expected.


BA/BS from an accredited college or university with a specialization in human services or a related field plus at least 3 years of related administrative experience, or an AA degree with 5 years of related administrative experience, or a High School Diploma/GED with at least 8 years of related administrative experience.  Must be personable, energetic and have strong communication skills, both orally and in writing.  Must have knowledge of community resources available in Prince George’s County, strong organizational skills and demonstrate an intensive understanding of the agency’s vision in terms of the importance of recognizing and honoring the individuals’ preferences and choices and have extensive knowledge of human resources, human development, crisis intervention strategies, and federal, state, and local regulations.

Essential Functions:

Individualized Supports and Program Planning

  1. Primarily responsible the oversight of ensuring all Person Centered Planning Meetings, Medical appointments, Behavioral Supports, Meaningful Day activities and recreation for the individuals are occurring as chosen and required by the annual Person Centered Plan.
  2. Coordinates Behavior Support Plan development and documentation in accordance with the regulations and recommendations of the team.
  3. Attend, coordinate and write Person Centered Plan for assigned region.
  4. Works with the individual and his/her team to develop, monitor, and complete the implementation of the Person Centered Plan.
  5. Works with Person Centered Planning Coordinator to complete all State & Waiver Funding requirements.
  6. Identifies and coordinates needed services in conjunction with the team planning process.
  7. Ensures/enforces protection of Individuals’ rights and encourages self-advocacy.
  8. Monitors sites within assigned region to ensure rights of people supported are protected.
  9. Utilize the current electronic health record and manual documentation to conduct random and scheduled reviews of Person Centered Plans, for purposes of verify that services are being delivered as required; Recommends and deliver immediate corrective action and training upon discovery for assigned area of oversight.

Financial Management

  1. Works with the Division Director of Community Living to develop a fiscal budget that is consistent with the needs of the individuals.
  2. Develops proposals and budgets for temporary funding and program expansions.
  3. Ensures that locations operate appropriately and within budget guidelines, and maintains the highest possible quality of living standards.
  4. Involved in the Capital Improvement process; Makes cost-effective purchasing and repair decisions by effectively prioritizing projects and resources.
  5. Accurately oversees all accounting documentation to include timesheets, monthly financials, and house petty cash ledgers, checking each for appropriateness of expenditures; Reviews budget sheets, travel vouchers, and timesheets for appropriateness. 
  6. Prepares purchase orders and maintains individual budget accounting reports.
  7. Monitors the individual’s financial records as indicated in the Person Centered Plan and monthly budget.
  8. Ensures people supported are not over resourced and benefits are not jeopardized such as social security, Medicaid, SSDI, food stamps, burial and trust accounts.


Community Participation and Integration

  1. Supervises Program Managers to encourage and monitor frequent and consistent community outings in line with individual choices and person centered plans.
  2. Ensures an effective system of managing community integration and resources is present in each program (monthly calendars, financial resources, staff, etc.).
  3. Ensures natural support network is used and family members and friends are included in activity planning and participation.
  4. Provides information about community activities and resources to Community Companions and program participants as resources are discovered.
  5. Utilize the current electronic health record and manual documentation to conduct random and scheduled reviews of Community Integration documentation, for purposes of verify that services are being delivered as required; Recommends and deliver immediate corrective action and training upon discovery for assigned area of oversight.

Home Quality and Safety

  1. Responds to internal and external plans of correction related to physical plant inspections.
  2. Ensures that locations, grounds, and equipment are maintained and meet all regulation requirements for state and county licensing.
  3. In cooperation with the Director of Quality Assurance, the Area Director performs periodic site evaluations as frequently as determined by the Division Director and recommended by the CPO and QA Director.
  4. Develop resources for resolving maintenance needs and purchasing.
  5. Ensures all locations have adequate safety, emergency and office supplies for the successful continued operation of the site.
  6. Assists in coordinating repairs and may be required to meet vendors and contractors on site.
  7. Assists Program Managers in coordinating the temporary or permanent relocation of people supported.
  8. Conduct random and scheduled physical site reviews utilizing the current facility inspection standards forms.
  9. Provide shift coverage during emergency situations.

Communication and Documentation

  1. Conducts monthly documented management, Supervisors and staff meetings to offer direction, guidance and support in each area of oversight.
  2. Conducts individual supervision at a minimum of monthly with all direct reports; Subject to review by Human Resources, Chief of Staff, Chief Programs Officer, Quality Assurance and the Executive Director in relation to investigations, court proceedings or other critical business purposes.
  1. Uses effective, respectful, and frequent communication with the individual and the individual’s family members and/or other interested parties.
  2. Actively participates in highly sensitive Person Centered Planning meetings, taking meeting minutes and documenting decisions.
  3. Communicates in a respectful and positive manner with the family to ensure appropriate support provision to the individual served.
  4. Facilitates flow of communication between different divisions of the agency, parents, other service providers, medical professionals, and the individuals we support.
  5. Complete all required internal reports in a timely fashion, answer correspondence, and respond to requests and grievances.
  6. Communicates the functions, services, operating philosophies, and policies and procedures to individuals, families, other providers and stakeholders.
  7. Utilize the current electronic health record and manual documentation to conduct random and scheduled reviews of staff meeting documentation for purposes of verify that adequate communication is taking place; Recommends and deliver immediate corrective action and training upon discovery for assigned area of oversight.

Health Services Monitoring

  1. Oversees service delivery practices related to health and safety of program participants as indicated in their Person Centered Plans. 
  2. Monitors routine and emergency medical/dental services and medication reviews as appropriate.
  3. Identifies and implement areas of service and process improvements in all areas of programming.
  4. Utilize the current electronic health record and manual documentation to conduct random and scheduled reviews of Health Services documentation, for purposes of verify that services are being delivered as required; Recommends and deliver immediate corrective action and training upon discovery for assigned area of oversight.


  1. Models initiative and creative problem solving, especially in relation to staff conflicts.
  2. Demonstrates appropriate workplace behavior, modeling the agency’s philosophy.
  3. Demonstrates positive role-model behavior.
  4. Maintains confidentiality in relation to individuals and staff issues.


  1. Responsible for supervising Community Living Support Staff in assigned region.
  2. Responsible for recruitment, hiring, training and ongoing evaluation of staff including implementation of progressive disciplinary actions.
  3. Assures adherence to policies and procedures via training and feedback.
  4. Provides individualized orientation to new staff members, mentors and provides feedback.
  5. Communicates regularly with site managers and conducts monthly team meetings with site managers.


  1. Establishes an effective system to routinely review and stay abreast of current investigations, plans of    correction and all matters related to the internal department of Quality Assurance, Office of Health Care Quality Compliance, Department of Health and Nursing standards.
  2. Works with the team, to ensure that all reporting requirements (OHCQ, Incident Reporting, and Attendance Reporting) are completed accurately and according to regulations).
  3. Ensures timely and effective responses to internal and external Quality Assurance matters including plans of correction, investigations and inquiries.

Mental, Physical, & Visual Demands:

Position requires high attention to detail, follow-up, and ability to function under an unusually high level of stress at times.

While performing the duties of this job, employees are regularly required to sit, walk and stand; talk or hear, both in person and by telephone; use hands repetitively to finger, handle, feel or operate standard office equipment; reach with hands and arms; and lift up to 25 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision and the ability to adjust focus. Ability to drive is a requirement of the position.

While performing the duties of this job, employees are regularly required to use written and oral communication skills; read and interpret data, information and documents; analyze and solve non-routine and complex problems; use math and mathematical reasoning; observe and interpret situations; learn and apply new information or skills; perform highly detailed work on multiple, concurrent tasks; work under intensive deadlines with frequent interruptions; and interact with the community stakeholders including elected and appointed officials, staff, people served, the public and others encountered in the course of work.

Working Conditions:  

Normal office environment; strong computer and communication and interpersonal skills.


This position description is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions, and the essential requirements for the performance of this job.  This is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a person so classified.  Other functions or duties may be assigned and management retains the right to add to, or change the duties of this position at any time.

 Pay Rate: $57k

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