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Tips for Success


Depending on the type of job you are applying to, you will be asked to submit a vitae or a resume.  A Curriculum Vitae is a comprehensive record of your career and educational experiences, and is unlimited in length. Typically, a CV is expected when applying for academic positions, such as for a faculty position or when applying to a graduate program.  A resume is generally a one or two page overview of your career. For research and professional positions, much of the time a resume is preferred.

Writing A Curriculum Vitae - About.com

Provides links to topics related to resumes and CVs. Be sure to also check the links on their next page.


Applying for an academic job requires attention when preparing your CV, cover letter and statements regarding research and teaching statements.  In addition, you need to pay attention to how you present yourself on the job interview.  We have compiled a document with two sections that we hope will be helpful to you in preparing for interviews.  One section covers question you should be prepared to answer in an interview while the other section covers question you might consider asking as a candidate in an interview.

Interviewing Document (PDF)

Presenting at Conferences

Presenting your research at a conference for the first time is exciting and can be challenging. Some benefit can be drawn from attending a conference first to observe the style of posters and presentations.  Some advice about presenting at conferences can be found from the PDF file below.

Poster Presenting Tips (PDF)

Finding Funding


This website provides a variety of services regarding funding including a grant serach engine, discussion forums, and an expert who will answer specific questions you may have.

Funding Resources - presented by APA OnLine

This website provides numerous links to other pages provided by APA. Within these links, you can find funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and psychology professionals--you just have to search around a bit. This website also provides information about summer internships and postdoctoral fellowships.