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Early Career Participation at the Annual Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting
Charlotte, NC
Student and Early Career Professional Activities

Click here to see photos of all of the fabulous events our student and early career professionals got involved in at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC! 


2011 Annual Meeting
Minneapolis, MN
Student and Early Career Professional Activities

There were many ways for students and early career professionals (SECPs) to be involved during the AAIDD Annual Meeting. Below is a list of and photos from the events held during the 2011 AAIDD Annual Meeting.

Sunday, June 5: 
• 8-9pm-President’s reception - all Student and Early Career Professionals are invited

Monday, June 6:
• 9-10am: leadership forum and open membership meeting— we encourage all S/ECPs to attend
• 5:30-7pm:   special event with Rachel Simon & Dan Habib - we encourage all S/ECPs to attend
• 8-9:30pm:  Paul H. Brookes SECP Happy Hour - this is specifically for S/ECPs

Tuesday, June 7:
• 7:15 - 8:45am:  New attendee orientation
• 5:30 - 7pm: Poster session – we encourage you to browse all of the posters
• 7:30 - 8:30pm: Reception on the Mississippi




Annual Meeting 2010:

The Student and Early Career Professional Committee (SECPC) presented during the Early Career Issues and Research Session at the 2010 AAIDD Annual Meeting in Providence.  Karrie Shogren moderated a panel entitled: “Students and Early Career Professionals in the Field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Research, Policy and Practice”. 

Shelley Watson, Shea Obremski and Melsisa DiSipio each talked about what brought them into the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), how this links with the work that they currently do and ideas for future work.  Each commented on their participation with SECPC and working within AAIDD.  

The SECPC also presented a poster at the 2010 AAIDD Annual Meeting. The poster highlighted all of the Committee’s initiatives, including the:  Student and Early Career Professional Webpage, Newsletter, Webinar Series, Clearinghouse, Student Scholarship Program, Guide Program, and Partnerships and Networking Opportunities.  Six members of the Committee presented information from the poster to attendees at the poster session, sharing ways that student and early career members could get involved.  All attendees were impressed by the breadth and scope of the supports provided to student and early career members through the SECPC. 

Shea Obremski and Judith Gross at the SECPC poster

Finally, this conference provided multiple opportunities for social gatherings as well. On the first night of the conference SECPC members and supporters of SECPC, including distinguished professors and leaders in the field, gathered for dinner, drinks, and lively discussion at a local restaurant. This and subsequent gatherings of SECPC members, and diverse students and professionals provided excellent opportunities to gain knowledge about current trends in the field, network with key experts and upcoming researchers, and learn more about our colleagues from across the globe.