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Leonard Abbeduto, PhD, FAAIDD

Leonard Abbeduto
Leonard Abbeduto

Immediate Past President, AAIDD Board of Directors

My goal is to ensure that AAIDD meets the changing needs of professionals in the field of IDD for decades to come. Toward this end, I will pursue three objectives. First, I will work to find new ways of attracting and supporting early career professionals, including expanding mentoring programs, supporting peer-to-peer networking, and involving early career professionals in AAIDD leadership positions. Second, I will work to increase the involvement of researchers from a range of disciplines in AAIDD, including a more visible and meaningful presence in the annual conference. Third, I would encourage and help to integrate technological innovations into the organization’s operations, including the use of open access and electronic publication and creation of more short-form publications that translate research findings into usable strategies for practitioners. In pursuing these objectives, I would also help establish metrics to evaluate the impact of new activities on the organization and field.

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